How to start your daily fantasy cricket journey with 100 INR

2023-03-12 06:26:57

First off, if your budget is only 100 INR, you shouldn't be playing daily fantasy. Let's be clear about that.

Because in that situation, your maximum recommended investment per game is 10 INR, and you can hardly join any public leagues with just 10 INR, even if they are deeply discounted. 

Therefore, 1000 INR should be the minimum bankroll you have to begin your daily fantasy career because in that case, you will only have 100 INR (10% of your total bankroll) to work with in Game 1. The basic idea is that you should give yourself ten equal chances to profit from your investment. 

So here is what you ought to do given that you have 1000 INR to begin your daily fantasy journey - Take 100 INR out of it and then divide it as follows: 

1 Entry - 39 Entry, 339 Spots, 10000 INR, Top 44% win 
1 Entry  - 39 Entry, 339 Spots, 10000 INR, Top 44% win 
1 Entry - 19 Entry, 4 Spots, 66 INR, Winner Takes All 

  • On a great day, you will get 466 INR to 2066 INR (4X-20X profit) 
  • On a good day, you will get 200-266 INR (2X-2.5X profit)
  • On an average day, you will get 100 INR (No profit, No loss) 
  • On a bad day, no returns to 60 INR 

As we discussed in our fantasy masterclass article, the idea behind this is that the teams you play should clean sweep at least 1 out of every 3 attempts you make. Let's say you win 1 10X in 10 games, which would guarantee that you wouldn't lose any money even if you lost the other 9 games. Imagine winning 3 10X in 10 attempts, which would give you a profit of almost 2700 INR with just 1000 INR staked. 

We have spoken in depth about the futility of playing just 3-4 member leagues, as it is a high-risk ploy that pits you against 3 different team building ideologies. All you need is for one of those players in any of those teams to have a great day to put you in the 2nd spot even on your good days.

What makes you a successful daily fantasy player is focusing on being one of the best and not the best, aiming to clean sweep at least one-third of the games you play, and not being a player who plays with safe combinations. 

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