How to start your daily fantasy cricket journey with 1000 INR

2023-03-14 07:51:52

In the previous article, we covered how to start playing daily fantasy cricket with just 100 INR. Let's now take 1000 INR. If you have to spend 1000 INR on a game, just as it was 1000 INR for 100 INR, you should have 10,000 INR in your wallet. 

Again, for the same reason: You should give yourself ten equal opportunities to make a profit on your investment. This is one of the best investment strategies to combat the randomness of daily fantasy because it is a volatile format with more luck involved than season fantasy. Things can happen at random and last for days at a time. 

And given that every good day in daily fantasy yields multiples of 3X–20X, and occasionally even more absurd multipliers, winning even one-third of the games you play could bring in insane sums of money. The key, as we've always emphasized, is to try to clean sweep games in daily fantasy, not just win them, so that when your predictions come true, you don't just have a good day; you actually have a great day. 

The secret to being a successful daily fantasy sports player is to be aggressive when choosing your teams and defensive when joining leagues. 

So let's get down to business. You have 1000 INR available to spend on a game. Here's how to go about it: 

1 Entry, 299 INR, 25 Spots, 6000 INR Total Prize Pool, Top 24% Win
1 Entry, 399 INR, 11 Spots, 3800 INR Total Prize Pool, Top 27% Win 
1 Entry, 66 INR, 11 Spots, 600 INR Total Prize Pool, Top 27% Win 
1 Entry, 39 INR, 339 Spots, 10000 INR Total Prize Pool, Top 44% Win 
1 Entry, 59 INR, 222 Spots, 10000 INR Total Prize Pool, Top 45% Win
1 Entry, 89 INR, 4 Spots, 300 INR Total Prize Pool, Winner Takes All

  • On a great day, you will get 3200 INR to 6600 INR profit (3.2X-6.6X)
  • On a good day, you will get 2900 INR to 3400 INR profit (2.9X-3.4X)
  • On an average day, you could get 120-1200 INR (90% loss-no loss)
  • On a bad day, you could get wiped out or at least get back 120 INR. 

As you may have noticed, we have once more given 10+ member leagues more attention than the generally advised strategy of 3–4 member leagues. This is due to the fact that we don't think you should put more than 25% of your total investment into a winner-takes-all league because daily fantasy doesn't lend itself to that kind of league-joining strategy. In our daily fantasy masterclass article, we went into great detail about the reasons we believe this. 

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