Covers Off - Plan 'Pocket Dynamo' Launch

2023-06-02 02:15:30

What is Plan Pocket Dynamo? Simply put, more games. In its first four months, Covers Off averaged one game a day; now, we expect to cover at least three games every day. 

More games, okay. But why is it included in the new plan? Because we know that there is a lot of money riding on our fantasy XIs, prediction calls, share, trade, auction, and draft fantasy tipping. And it's due of the trust established by one of our founding team members and his 10 years of experience in the field, as well as the fantastic results achieved in the four months after the launch of Covers Off.

Given our success so far, the average investment of our subscribers is rising by the day. So we want to be responsible now and inform them things are changing at Covers Off, and we are bringing in some of the top young real-money gaming tipping talents to help us go even further. And each of them will have their own column. While our recruiting process is as thorough and as difficult as it gets to guarantee that only the finest candidates get through, it is still not what Covers Off users are used to. As a result, until they have this knowledge, they will be unable to make modifications to their plans, particularly when it comes to investment.

Will the same games be covered in other plans as well? Nope. Covers Off's standard product will now be rated as a 5-star service. And games covered in 5 stars will not be covered in 3 stars, and vice versa. 

You will continue to receive the 5-star service you have come to expect. Anything fresh and experimental would be given three stars.

How much does it cost? 99 iNR per month 

When is it going live? June 10 

Will Standard and Premium subscribers have access to pocket dynamo content? Yes, just like Premium customers have access to Standard, subscribers who have chosen a higher grade plan will have access to all lower level plans 

Will this include all of the various formats and platforms that you typically cover? No, only traditional (11-player) daily fantasy.

Will Pocket Dynamo provide pre-tournament packs in the same way as Covers Off usually does? No, this plan only includes daily packs.

Alright. Is there anything more I should know?

Yes, after a period of time in which we study our new recruits in high-pressure situations, the top performing 3-star fantasy tippers will be promoted to 5-star service. They will also, of course, carry the games they cover with them to 349-1999-7999 plans. 

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