Covers Off introduces all-new Rario Coverage, with a focus on first-time users

2023-07-27 14:15:07

One of the most common questions we get is how to start the Rario journey from scratch. Because the platform is more complicated than traditional daily fantasy, some of our new Premium users have had difficulty keeping up with our current coverage. So we promised them that we would build an account from the ground up and that all they had to do was copy every single step of the way to profit, but we also wanted them to wait until the time was right.

And the time has come for it. The Covers Off team is excited to announce the launch of the 'Rario Zero to Hero Journey’, in which we will create a brand-new Rario account from scratch. Following the IPL, there have been numerous inquiries from new Premium subscribers about card suggestions, series to target, and player cards to track in the short and long term. As the new cricket season begins, we believe there is no better way to meet that need than this.

In addition to making the all-important direct calls on our Premium group, we will use Rario's feature that allows you to make your portfolio public so that our subscribers can track our progress. 


When does coverage begin?


Who will benefit from this?

The campaign will be extremely useful to both new and existing Premium subscribers by providing a reference point for which set of player cards to purchase.

Will we issue purchase calls before the season starts?

We will, of course.

Are the calls applicable to all tier cards?

Yes, it does apply to all tiers.

Follow updates in our Premium group for more information.

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