From the Editor's Desk: Covers Off - World Cup 2023 and Beyond

2023-08-28 14:19:02

A little background on Covers Off would help set the scene here. Since we founded the company in December 2022, there has always been pressure on us to deliver volume from various sectors - both within and outside of the company and our subscription base. But we were clear about one thing: quantity is how most companies die in their early stages; as a result, all we will do is focus relentlessly on quality until the brand develops an identity that allows us to afford a few experiments. 


And that's exactly what he did in the first six months, culminating in a blockbuster finish in the IPL that truly turned heads. That success gave us the green light to try new things over the last few months. During this time, we've seen the highest of highs (TNPL first half, MLC second half, and The Men's Hundred last third) and the lowest of lows (TNPL second half, Women's Ashes, and The Men's Hundred mid-stretch). The same can be said for the Pocket Dynamo tournaments we've tried.


One of the most important lessons we've learned during this time is that exposing a new subscriber to a large number of games in a short period is never a good idea. For the first six months, we only played one game per day on average, giving everyone enough time and space to enjoy the highs and recover from the lows. However, there have been several occasions in the last 60 days when we have covered 4-5 games per day on Standard and Pocket Dynamo combined. Some were successful, while others were not. And the bad stretches were especially hard on those who were just starting or hadn't made any money with us. 


Covers Off as a brand cannot continue to expose new users to this because, no matter how many investment strategy articles we do, it is becoming impossible to reach out to every single person who has joined us and convince them to read those strategies before investing in our teams. In the future, we could perhaps come up with better ways to ensure that every new subscriber receives a starter pack of dos and don'ts before they can access our XIs. 


For the time being, we've decided that Covers Off's basic version of daily fantasy previews will always be its best version. So as a Covers Off standard subscriber, this is what you can expect for the foreseeable future: 


  • 300 games per year - Given that our yearly subscription rates have ranged from 999 to 1999, that means you could get a game for as little as 3 INR to as much as 7 INR, which we believe is a steal for the quality of service we provide.
  • Detailed previews back in play (a minimum of 600 words)
  • Pre-game predictions are back in play 

It sometimes hurts us to just post the pack link with no or little description because we take immense pride in the quality of our work. But when you're covering 3-4 games on some days, you simply can't write by the time the last game arrives at 4:30 AM IST, as it is now with CPL. And our packs take hours to create on their own before being enhanced with insights. The text in the article is only the final step in a long process. That is why Premium subscribers receive the packs hours before the start of a match, whereas the article takes so long to appear on the website. 


This is also one of the reasons why our pre-toss predictions have dwindled in recent months because it requires an additional 30 minutes of market research. 


Pocket Dynamo-Premium Merger 


Pocket Dynamo will be moved to Premium, where we won't risk exposing beginners or low-level investors to an insane number of games in a short period. Since our Premium slab is full of high investors, we can create a Mini GL target plan for each new creator that joins us until they gain trust in the creator to play the same leagues that they would on Standard. Mini GL target plans are fundamentally unsuitable for low levels because they involve multiple combinations at 299+ entry levels. 


Plan Changes


  • We will no longer accept Pocket Dynamo subscriptions beginning September 1
  • The lifetime offer for Premium subscriptions will expire on September 30
  • The much-anticipated Monthly Premium subscriptions will go on sale on October 1st for 799 INR per month. 

The effects of these changes will be evaluated following the World Cup. However, we do not expect any significant changes. 


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