Launch Alert: Dream XI PRO Mode Teams

2024-04-12 13:37:36

Teams for Dream XI Pro Mode Contests


Available on - Premium Subscription


What is Dream XI Pro Mode? 


Fantasy App Dream XI is reintroducing the old way of playing daily fantasy, with contests closing one hour before the start of the game. You will have to put together teams without knowing the exact playing XIs, the outcome of the toss, or the exact nature of the deck. 


Does Pro Mode improve your chances of winning? 


It does not. It's the same as regular fantasy. Some people like to think of it as a model in which they can win more money because of their in-depth knowledge of the game, but in this day and age, with easy access to basic data and so many fantasy tipping channels, finding the edge is difficult. People didn't know where to get even the most basic information between 2015 and 2017, so all you needed to know was the exact websites/handles that gave out squad information to significantly improve your chances of winning. But those days are long gone, so PRO Mode no longer provides a great advantage. 


Will you give PRO Mode XIs for all games? 


No. Not all matches have pre-toss value when you are also playing normal fantasy. 


So, only for matches with a pre-toss value will we provide pro-mode teams. For instance, yesterday's match had no pre-toss value. Today's match, however, does. 


Can I find out the PRO Mode Scope for a match ahead of time?


Yes. Check out the Fantasy Home section of our match pack.


PRO Mode Scope - YES


How many combinations will you be giving for PRO Mode? 


Right now, we will be giving two combinations (Bazball and Maxwell) . The number of participants is expected to be low at first, so there may be some clashes if you play in small leagues. You can use variations of what we provide to avoid clashes (use our data/analysis or do basic C-VC swaps and 10th-11th player swaps based on the fantasy home section and the two combinations we give).


There is no Safeplay/MSD route for PRO Mode. You either go crazy (BazBall) or double crazy (Maxwell). 

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